Hi! I'm Atri Bhattacharyya. Welcome to my webpage.

I'm a doctoral assistant working on microarchitectural security and side-channel attacks.

I am co-supervised by Prof. Babak Falsafi, PARSA and Prof. M. Payer, HexHive.

You can find my footprint on the internet on Bitbucket, GitHub and LinkedIn.

About me

Banff National Park

When it's sunny, I like to be outdoors swimming or hiking and generally being around nature.


I like space technology and rockets. In my free time, I play Kerbal Space Program, which looks something like this. Wow!

My academic life

I started my school life in La Martiniere for Boys in my hometown of Kolkata. This was a time of few cares and much enjoyment.


I graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Among some of the best technical minds in the country, I developed a love and a passion for enjoying life.


I began my graduate life in Switzerland at EPFL, where I worked as a research assistant and am currently a doctoral assistant.


You can download my Resume here


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